Book your weekly or bi-weekly home cleaning today and you will receive bi annual carpet cleaning at no extra charge.

Your furniture may be one of the biggest investments in your home. Our specially designed upholstery wand and hot water extraction technique rejuvenates and returns life back into old furniture by making it look brand new again. Your furniture collects everyday grime, cooking odours, oils from your skin and hair, pet and food stains and the same dust and harmful particles our carpets collect that can’t be seen by the naked eye. At-home sprays and cleaners only clean the surface and mask the odour.  Sofas, love seats, sofa chairs, upholstered dining chairs and mattresses are all examples of upholstered furniture that should be added to your regular deep cleaning schedule in your home. Your Good Lookin’ Technician can deodorize and protect your upholstery just as they do with your carpets and rugs. You can take comfort in seeing and knowing that our deep cleaning process extends the life of your home investments.

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