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Deodorizers and Odour Control

Pets and high foot traffic through a particular area are just a couple reasons why you may need an odour control solution. Good Lookin’ Cleaning Services can help neutralize many lingering odours through a wide selection of deodorizers that are a complex blend of safe, biodegradable ingredients that leave your carpets and upholstery smelling fresh. Our scented selection includes Apple, Cherry, Lemon and Spring Breeze. Let your Good Lookin’ Technician know if you are having problems with odour.

Carpet and Upholstery Protector

 We understand that accidents happen and that is why Good Lookin’ Cleaning Services offers the very best carpet protection treatments that help save your carpets in between our visits. Our spray-on carpet and upholstery treatment contains 3M Scotchgard™ Protector which protects against dry soils and water based soils and leaves an invisible barrier against dirt, spots and stains. Having your carpets and furniture protected will help reduce high traffic wear and leave them looking cleaner longer, extending your investment and preventing long-term damage. Ask your Good Lookin’ Technician to apply a carpet protector at your next cleaning.

Spot and Stain Removal

 Let us help you tackle those tough stains. Good Lookin’ Cleaning Services knows what treatments work best for different stains and we have a full selection of non-toxic solutions for each type of stain. Home remedies only lighten or smear stains and could embed the stain deeper in to the fibres of your carpet. Our hot water extraction technique and specialized wands can remove many household stains completely without damaging or discolouring your carpets and upholstery. Pre-sprays and pre-conditioners may also be applied to help lift dirt and stains out of heavily soiled areas. We offer a Good Lookin’ approved at-home stain removal spotting kit for those unexpected accidents between cleanings. Ask your Good Lookin’ Technician for a home spotting kit at your next cleaning.

Mildew, Disinfectant Control and Sanitizers

The main reason for mildew developing is moisture; whether it is in your carpets or you had a leak in your basement it is important to treat the affected areas immediately in order to prevent mildew from starting or spreading. Mildew is extremely detrimental to your health and needs to be addressed right away.  Good Lookin’ Cleaning Services uses non-toxic solutions that neutralize and stop mildew from growing. Our disinfectant and sanitizer treatments also help eliminate dust mites, carpet mites, allergens, bacteria and pet dander from the fibers of your carpet that could cause you and your family health issues.  Ask your Good Lookin’ Technician for these services if you are concerned about the health of your family and pets.

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