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7 Important Steps Every Carpet Cleaner Should Consider

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important tasks every household should consider to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the entire family. But for proper and efficient cleaning, calling a professional cleaner is always the best option to adopt. They are adept in understanding all your cleaning needs. With the help of proficient tools and techniques, they are able to render an unmatched cleaning experience. Below are some of the most important procedural steps every carpet cleaning company follows for professional cleaning.

Steps needed to Proceed for an all Round Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaners, if hired on a regular basis, consider the interval of 2-3 months to clean your home. But although we all know that there are a number of companies available, to consider the best of them we should observe their work consciously in the first instance. You can also ask the concerned company about their planning and execution of carpet cleaning procedures.

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Step 1: Pre Inspection: The first step involved with any professional carpet cleaning company is the pre-inspection. In this phase, the technicians move to the place, inspect all the cleaning needs of the house, acquire necessary equipment and techniques for efficient cleaning, etc and thereby make a checklist of all the requirements. On the basis of the carpet’s condition, they determine their way of work and other measures.

Step 2: Vacuuming and Spraying: Once the inspection gets over, the technicians clean the carpet and its surrounding area that will come in the process of cleaning. Then they spray the entire area for the execution of soil lifting formula. It helps in breaking down the dirt, oil and other sticky substances from the carpet and thereby making it ready for the rest cleaning processes to be held.

Step 3: Moving the Furniture: To consider the spots caused by the furniture placed on the carpet, the technicians move them from the cleaning areas. Moving the furniture also helps in deep work on the carpet. They thus carefully shift all the furniture and home appliances from the area and place protective chips or blocks underneath them to avoid any further stains.

Step 4: Water Extraction and Rinsing: Then comes the water extraction and rinsing phase where the carpet is extracted by using hot water either through steam cleaning or dry cleaning. This rinsing and extraction help in making the carpet and upholstery a residue free to ensure longer and softer cleanliness.

Step 5: Drying: A high-velocity air movers are placed on the carpet area for the drying of the carpet to go smooth. The technicians also ensure that not a single space of the carpet is left wet before their leaving the house.

Step 6: Post Grooming: In this phase, the carpet is groomed properly by the technicians to pile the carpet dry faster and right. The technicians also ensure whether all the objects are placed on their required place or not.

Step 7: Post Inspection: This is the final step followed by the carpet cleaners. They carefully see the checklist and consider whether all the requirements are fulfilled well or not. In this stage, they ensure everything to be perfect and proper.

Being a professional company for carpet cleaning in Ottawa, we consider all these necessary steps to be followed by each of our professionals. We make every spending worth through our personalized professional cleaning. With our all-round job responsibility and efficiency in fulfilling the needs of our clients, we have been serving as a renowned carpet cleaner in the city for more than 3 year. Call today to have a cleaner and hygienic home environment that helps you to protect your family from any uncertain health issue.

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